Using the shamanic tools of energy healing, Ocean of Joy Healing opens the world of the energetic fields to re-ignite the creative fires within us. Clients learn to create the conditions for healing of mind, body, and soul using the innate powers which pulse through each of us.


My Story


A Quaker, Sound Healer, and Shaman, I am passionate about helping people walk a path toward their highest destiny.

The Oceans are a place of healing for me. I hope I may share with you some of the wisdom I have gleaned from five decades of sailing in remote corners of the world where I have been blessed to encounter many cultures and spiritual aspects. My gifts are around using traditional and shamanic energy healing to facilitate people to achieve their dreams.

Life is such a beautiful adventure! I am eager to meet you and to join with you to seek the Transformation which lies within you. Walk with me as you dare to seek your highest destiny.


The Ocean is a place for healing for many and it can be for you.

What is Ocean of Joy Healing?

Enter into a sanctuary where you are invited to uncover and rediscover your best self, so you may show up each day from a place of love.

Do you feel stagnate in your present situation, or as though your life is on hold, or perhaps as if things aren’t going your way? Is your inner critic blocking you from taking an important next step? Perhaps you are waiting for that special something before you feel ready to move into high gear? Have you ever heard the call of nature and not been sure how to respond?

At Ocean of Joy Healing, we have created a safe haven for living into Love, a sanctuary for transformation and reconnection with nature. We will help you discover specific pathways which will allow you to access your whole self and reconnect with your intuition and to manifest change. Using tools of energetic healing, we will show you how you may create the conditions for healing of body, mind, and spirit and reconnect with your carefree and creative self. Reignite the sparkle of your world!

Learn how to manifest from feelings. Explore the tools of sound and energetic healing using the transformative powers of shamanic and indigenous learning. These ancient skills are alive in each of us and Ocean of Joy Healing will help you find the keys to unlock the archetypes and the mysteries.

If you would you like to begin now, seize the day for this exploration. Life is an adventure which you can begin now.


Our Services

Personal Healing

Shamanic Energy Sessions

Each personal shamanic healing session is tailored to the needs and desires of the client. The session may begin with entering into a sacred space with the shaman or simply with a series of questions. You will be invited to share what is on your heart. No words need be spoken. Based on the energetic field presented, the shaman may use any of the following to assist a client to develop calm and peaceful presence — energetic body scan and field sweeping and cleansing using the four perceptual states, chakra clearing, illumination, shadow work, soul retrieval, healing of ancestral curses, cord cutting, entity extraction, fire alchemy, decoupling and destiny retrieval.


Build Community. Celebrate Family. Connect with Friends. We partner with you to co-create an energetic wellness and ritual blessing for your gathering. Birthdays, coming of age/quinceañera, retirements, graduations, new home, or any life transition—Ocean of Joy Healing brings lightness to your vision for “right relationship” allowing you to be clear and the focused around the intentions for your event. As practiced ceremonialists, the shaman will provide caring facilitation for your special occasion. Offerings may include: facilitating the creation of a Despacho offering, ceremonial cleansing, ritual fire ceremony, sound healing, and/or private individual sessions with your guests.

Death Rites and Transitions

With the gentlest of touches, Ocean of Joy Healing will perform the sacred rituals which will cleanse and then release the energetic body to take flight back to the stars. Unveiling a centuries-old framework for leave-taking and good byes for you with loved ones, both those who are here now and those who may have departed long ago.  Ocean of Joy Healing will ease and elevate your loved one’s life transition from the ordinary to the mythic. Providing comfort for all present, we will convey your loved ones departing Spirit to its highest destiny. 


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News And Events

Solstice Dance

Solstice Dance

What I saw took my breath away! There was a tremendous twinkling in the field, a twitching of lights, a million fireflies were dancing!

Upcoming Events

May 3-5 – Gathering of the Shamans, Sedona, AZ

May 26-June 8 – Sailing Journey,  San Juan Islands, WA

July 1 – Canada Day Celebration

July 4-7 – Firefly- A Community Encampment, NH

July 8-14 – Comfort Gathering and Celebration, ME

Memorial Celebration for a Life Well- lived: Lee Hargadon

September 10 – Ordination as a Priestess of the Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards 

October – Northern Canada Retreat

December – Southern healing journey in Waters of the Bahamas



Partner Offerings

Seattle Sound Temple

Established in 2015 by leading Sound Practitioners in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Sound Temple is the manifestation of a long-held dream of sound healing.  Founder  Irene Ingalls has surrounded herself by beautiful Alchemy Singing Bowls which will catalyze a powerful personal experience of initiation and healing, clarifying the profound nature of vibrational medicine, and inspiring a desire to bring more awareness and accessibility to this universal gift.

The Sound Temple is, at its core, a sanctuary devoted to healing through the transformational power of sound. It was built and is maintained with love and intention as a true haven for all, connecting and reconnecting anyone and everyone to their innate ability to self-heal through entraining to high frequency vibration. It is with great joy that Martha and Irene support your real transformation through sharing and facilitating the use of these tools and practices. Join for the Monthly Community Sound Baths, Personal or Couples healing sessions or to purchase your next Singing Crystal Bowls!

Jill DeviShri

Jill Devi Shri is a skillful Medicine Woman and Ceremonialist based in Hawaii. She offers exquisite healing gatherings, such as The Rite of the Womb. The Rites of the Munayi -Ki, Celebration of life & Rites of Passage, Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, and Land Clearing. A recent client testimonial “Jill Devi Shri shines with a remarkable clarity. Her powerful and kind presence drew me in immediately and I knew I wished to receive her guidance as I witnessed how gracefully she walks in the world. A skillful mentor and shaman, my energetic healing sessions with Jill have each been incredible, unique, and moving journeys into the unknown. Jill Devi Shri’s shamanic guidance has been invaluable in my life; she has helped me to re-set the North Star of my orientation and allowed me to walk fearlessly towards my highest destiny.”  


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