Spray flies over the rail of  sailing boat

As a single drop of water falls at exactly the right moment incorporating an infinite beauty and grace, so just in its own time the beginning step of a journey can begin. That single stride, that bravely-taken first lurch of progress. And so we have begun with a stop at the boat yard — an important and mercifully brief moment of anticipation and splash.

The appointment was at hand, the tide in our favor, and although winter winds were firmly on the nose, the Good Ship powered through to make the deadline.

And then, in the flurry of a couple of hours, the boat enjoyed a wash of her bottom, a brisk polish of her propellor, renewal of the all important sacrificial zincs, and then she was gracefully popped back into the water.

At anchor that night in the lee of a sandy spit, we toasted our step of success as the sun sank below the snow-capped mountains to the West. Off towards the East the peaks on the mainland turned an incredible iridescent rosy pink in a feathery echo of the sunset. These are moments that we savor. To dispense with the call of the city and the daily-work, to make room for youth to step forward into the voids we leave, to move into a time-sensibility that is connected to tides and seasons rather than clocks and deadlines, to have days where the only agenda is to catch our dinner. As patience is required, I cultivate my inner “Be Here Now” and endeavor to make this very moment the most important of the Day.

I savor the beauty and the tiny silence before the fall of a single water droplet.

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