Spring brings a wealth of flora to my senses. I am amazed as deep burgundy peony stalks, and tiny vibrant crocuses give way to a carpet of violets. And there! Daffodil bolting skyward and popping proudly to attention sunny faces reaching to the light. The shrubs prepare their blooms, forsythia first, pear tree and apple following, each releasing succulent smells and pollen galore, a snowfall in the breeze. And then the rhododendron flowers blossom into vibrant clumps bringing hummingbird and bees to a frenzy as they rush to cure their winter blues. High above, the stately trees slowly, ever so slowly, bring forth their leaves, covering their naked and stark branches with whispers of green and then one morning we see that, ahhhh! A whole canopy of whispy pastels and yellows have ever so gradually filled in to create the deepening green.  

Among these early visitors, the fiddleheads are the quiet and shy ones.  Bowed over, they humbly keep their heads low reminding me of praying monks, as their perfect coils appear from loamy earth places to choreograph an amazing dance of up-standing. The movement can be seen with the naked eye, ever so slowly revealed, as a single coil shoots up and unrolls itself to reveal the frond.  A cluster of these fronds will soon gather to make a community of flags, preparing to wave their graceful Fern-banners high!      

Spring in her glory, celebrating the new!

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