Arriving at the Quaker Meeting House for worship on Sunday, I felt a sense of home coming. Although I have been attending only a few months at this space, the warming feeling in my stomach as I settle into the chair was of grounding and a peaceful familiarity. The simplicity of the room with its well-polished hard wood floors and pretty leaded-glass windows, large casements opening to green space beyound, the piano in the corner promising times for singing together to come again someday, the gathered Friends, many familiar now, arriving with nods and smiles to share Spirit connection.

We gathered in a circle of chairs around a beautiful table with a striking wood grain which was crafted from boards hewn of the ancient apple tree harvested years ago on the property. Adorning the table sits a glass bowl in which floats a pair of early rhododendron – twin balls of frothy pink blooms. These are nestled by a circle of floating Camelia blooms, burst open in their prime, their bright yellow cilia point to the heavens as they rest on deep rosy–hued petals. The colors are inspired. The simplicity of every aspect in the room allows the beauty to shine forth at this sacred gathering place.

Sacred Space as in a church. As in a mosque or synagogue or temple. Sacred awareness as many have experienced in Nature. These last years, my understanding of Scared Space has become much enlarged! Sometimes I worship via Zoom. Sometimes I establish Scared Space using a drum or rattle, Or for purposes of bringing healing, we create sacred space across WhatsApp or Facetime where we witness as Energetic Healing takes place across the globe, with the client in Thailand or Spain, and the healer located across the waters.

Just as my body feels and bends to the slight tug of the moon cycles, in everyday moments I share the vibrational frequencies with the cosmic rays of star energy and the pull of far-way galaxies. We are connected, each particle to another at every moment. And so I percieve that Scared Space is truly here and it is everwhere, connecting us all across the ether.

So there is a realization that Sacred Space is not so much created as it simply is. Personally, I have felt it and held it most closely in my heart when linked in Ceremony or joined with others in natural splendor or inside of a musical or co-creative expereince. And I have tended to basically ignore it in my daily walkin’ around.

At the level of society, we now understand that the land where the Meeting House sits is the sacred land of the Songhees People. And that the sacred lands of First Nations and Native Peoples stretch across the continent and top to bottom of the Americas. In fact, all the lands are sacred to the indigenous peoples. And the Skies, and the Waters, and the Life which grows from these naturally occurring resources. Often dislocated from this sprirt connection, I seek to remember in my every day.

This Sunday I came at last to an understanding; Wherever two or more persons are gathered, there exists a Sacred Place. Wherever there is a person connecting to Nature, there is Sacredness. I bow before this knowing and dedicate myself to creating sacred moments whenever I am with another. There I shall witness their divinity and seek to call forth my own for the flourishing.

I bow to the First Nations and indiginous peoples who have known this always. I recall joining in Sufi circle gatherings for Zikr, the word meaning “to remember”. And in my mind’s eye now, I whirl as a dirvish, spinning around my heart as the center, my eyes lifted to the heavens, skirts twirling, in a ceremony of dance and music and turning and heart opening to remember the Unity to all life.

Will you join me?

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