Shamanic Energy Sessions

Each personal shamanic healing session is tailored to the needs and desires of the client. The session may begin with entering into a sacred space with the shaman or simply with a series of questions. You will be invited to share what is on your heart. No words need be spoken. Based on the energetic field presented, the shaman may use any of the following to assist a client to develop calm and peaceful presence — energetic body scan and field sweeping and cleansing using the four perceptual states, chakra clearing, illumination, shadow work, soul retrieval, healing of ancestral curses, cord cutting, entity extraction, fire alchemy, decoupling and destiny retrieval.

Most clients benefit from a series of 3 to 5 sessions to begin with and follow-up sessions as needed. Sessions maybe in-person, by Zoom, WhatsApp, or phone. Each session is approximately 90 minutes although some services may extend to two hours. The benefits are immediate and each session will build on the last. While not a replacement for traditional talk therapies, Ocean of Joy Healing sessions will allow the client to create immediate and transformative changes. The practitioner may ask the client to engage in some follow up ”homework” activities to help with the integration of this energetic work.

For remote work, we ask that the client be in a quiet space with no distractions. You will receive a welcome email a few days before your healing session which will explain the logistics in more detail so you are most relaxed and open to receive the maximum benefit from this work.


“We think of you often on our sailboat, shaman-sister Martha! Martha’s intuitive guidance is able to pacify my nervous system and realign my energetic body.  She brings light to my shadow, and is heartfelt in her calm and powerful medicine.”

“Martha is an impeccable medicine woman. I have had several sessions with her. Martha’s tracking skills and seers’ ability to see beyond the real issue going on is precise. She holds sacred space with integrity, allowing one to feel safe and be held with love and grace. Martha’s shamanic medicine is powerful and transformative for those looking to receive healing on multi-dimensional levels. 

~Jill Devi Shri (Hawai’i)


Typically the appointments are spaced over a period of several weeks, allowing the client time for integration of the medicine and maximal healing benefits.

Shamanic Energy Sessions

Single session: $180/session

Package for 3 initial sessions: $520/total for three.

Ceremony and Death Rites and Trasitions

No client turned away due to financial situations. Pricing varies based on time, location, and type of ceremony.


Build Community. Celebrate Family. Connect with Friends. We partner with you to co-create an energetic wellness and ritual blessing for your gathering. Birthdays, coming of age/quinceañera, retirements, graduations, new home, or any life transition—Ocean of Joy Healing brings lightness to your vision for “right relationship” allowing you to be clear and the focused around the intentions for your event. As practiced ceremonialists, the shaman will provide caring facilitation for your special occasion. Offerings may include: facilitating the creation of a Despacho offering, ceremonial cleansing, ritual fire ceremony, sound healing, and/or private individual sessions with your guests.

Death Rites and Transitions

With the gentlest of touches, Ocean of Joy Healing will perform the sacred rituals which will cleanse and then release the energetic body to take flight back to the stars. Unveiling a centuries-old framework for leave-taking and good byes for you with loved ones, both those who are here now and those who may have departed long ago.  Ocean of Joy Healing will ease and elevate your loved one’s life transition from the ordinary to the mythic. Providing comfort for all present, we will convey your loved ones departing Spirit to its highest destiny.


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